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Embed Online Group Chat

for Website and Live Events.

#1 Way To Add Online Group Chat to your Website.

Live Events Chat for up to Unlimited Users.

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"I recommend this service if you need to plug-in a reliable live chat service for a sizeable online event. Whether you have 3,000 or 300,000 simultaneous chat users. In my experience, this service works as advertised."

Bence Bordas
Director of marketing, HAVASI Entertainment.

"I've recommended it to others, and looked long and hard for something like Dead Simple Chat-it's head and shoulders in every way above everything we've found!"

“Dead Simple Chat lives up to its name — and that’s a good thing! We had a tight deadline for a one-day event, with Dead Simple Chat, we were up and running instantly, and able to easily make it work exactly how we needed it to."

Justin Woods
Director of Digital Distribution. Hope Channel International, Inc.

"Dead Simple Chat was great for our virtual events and very easy to use. I will continue to use it for other clients and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a user friendly chat solution."

Online Group Chat for your Website

Easily add Online Group Chat for your website for your Events Platform, Live Events, Video Streams, community chat etc.

Conduct Group Chats. Plus 1 -1 chat with participants.

Conduct Group Chats. Plus 1 -1 chat with participants. Easily create Channels/Sub-rooms within chatrooms for specific topics. Create different booths in Live Events, like Lobby, General Discussion etc

Group Chat

Easily add group chat to your website. With features like easy customization, Moderation, Single Sign On, Export transcript and many others.

1-1 Chat

Allow participants to conduct 1-1 chat among themselves or restrict to Moderator - participant Only.

Channels/ Sub-Rooms, Booths for live events.

With Channels /Sub rooms you can create sub-rooms whitin a chatroom for specific topics or like booths in Events.

Easily Customize Chatroom

Customize the look of your chatroom exactly how you want, with our easy to use CSS Customization tool-kit. Plus with Custom CSS option, you can even write custom CSS for your chat-room. Watch the video to learn more.

UI Based Customization, Make Chat look like a part of your website.

With UI based customization, easily customize the look and feel of your chatroom. From Background Color to Font Size every little detail is customizable to suit your website.

Write CSS Code

For even more customization you can write CSS code for that pixel perfect look and feel.

Chat with Enterprise Scalability.

With multiple Datacenters across the United States and Canada. Dead Simple Chat is scalable up to 10 million active online users. Contact us for pricing via the chat widget or email us at

"I recommend this service if you need to plug-in a reliable live chat service for a sizeable online event. Whether you have 3,000 or 300,000 simultaneous chat users. In my experience, this service works as advertised."

customer review
Bence Bordas, Director of marketing, HAVASI Entertainment.
Inbox user interface

99.98% uptime with servers in U.S and Canada.

With 99.98% server Uptime, you get extremely reliable chat and Enhanced data security with servers that are located exclusively in Canada and the U.S

Customer profile user interface

Chat for Live events, Live streams and Community.

Features like Q&A Mode, a suite of Moderation tools, SSO and Single-Sign-On functionality plus a Host of Chat Platform APIs

Q&A Mode / Ability to approve/disapprove messages before they appear in the chat

When you enable Q&A mode/ Pre-Moderated Chat mode. The participants can ask questions for Moderators to answer. Question and answer appear in the chatroom only after approval by the moderator.

Image Sharing and File Sharing

If enabled by the admin, users can share images and files in Dead Simple Chat. Images are automatically filtered for profanity using A.I

SSO Single Sign On and Chat Platform APIs

Automatically Login users that are logged into your website to chat with our SSO functionality. Our SSO functionality works with any website HTML or any other CMS like WordPress, Wix or Joomla etc. Contact Us for details and help in implementation

Suite of Moderation Tools

Ability to Ban users and Delete messages. Plus in Q&A Mode all the messages needs to be first approved by the moderator before going into the chatroom.

Easily Ban Users

Easily Ban and Un-ban users in the chatroom.

Download Chat History

The admin can download the chat history, files and images from any chatroom.

Delete messages / Ban Bad Words

Delete messages from the chatroom plus Create custom Bad words that will not appear in the chatroom.

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